Sudbury NDP Candidate’s Forum: June 15

Join us on Facebook Live for the first of our Nomination Candidate Forums: Another election season is upon us, and elections are what Sudbury Politics host love best! As we slowly get word of both federal and provincial candidates being acclaimed, 2 nomination contests are currently underway. The NDP have vetted their candidates the trase […]

Did “Zaher for Mayor” violate the municipal elections act? (nope)

When Sudbury’s first mayoral candidate announced his candidacy, some on social media and in the community claimed he violated the municipal elections act. Read on to see the city’s elections coordinator’s response. ———– As a longtime political organizer, I’ve spent far too much time with various electoral law spread out on the desk. Its clear […]


The fire grew and grew and it consumed everything in its path until it became a raging inferno and it left in its wake nothing but ashes and the remnants of what once was. Sadly, this isn’t the prelude to an apocalyptic novel I’ve been working on over the past few months. What it is, […]

September 18, 2020

On Friday, September 18, 2020, two things happened: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the brilliant trail-blazing, progressive Supreme Court Justice passed away and the issues in the 2020 Presidential campaign underwent a marked shift in direction. For months, the battle between Trump and Biden has been centered on a few key points: the ongoing culture war, the […]

Vagnini should stay at the table … or find the door

Councillor Michael Vagnini abandoned another meeting earlier this month. When will he realize this inappropriate behaviour is hurting the constituents of Ward 2?


Fire is an interesting thing and used in so many ways. To bring people together, to cleanse, to destroy. Today it seems fires are everywhere, and you could easily be forgiven for thinking that the world is going up in flames.  These past few months have been surreal to say the least, and I like […]

Click-bait is hurting us. You are helping it.

Why what you are doing to help set the record straight is hurting your cause, and how to fix it.

Few politicians are heroes.

Few politicians are like Mike Morrice. His newly released story of personal challenge from the 2019 Federal Election will tell you why.

Is Democracy Now On The Defensive?

Is Democracy Now On The Defensive? As governments around the globe enter into their respective election seasons, a frightening question must be asked regarding how our elections will proceed here in Canada.