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The Hosts

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Richard worked his first campaign way back in 1995, and since then has never been able to shake ‘the bug’. From student politics, union politics, to electoral politics, he has always found a way to make his day-job political – especially when running the local MPs office from 08-14. Lately, he’s focused on environmental politics, as Communications Director and head of government relations for Green Economy Canada.

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Rachel is an election and political nerd who has organized elections in all kinds of partisan and non-partisan environments. Work and volunteer highlights include Paul Lefebvre’s federal campaigns and Constituency Office, sitting on the federal Liberal riding association, and organizing the City of Greater Sudbury 2018 Municipal and School Board Election. While she is the token Liberal of the crew, she is seriously considering joining the JMNPP.

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Jeff has been both on the front lines and behind the scenes of Sudbury Politics for over 20 years. In his younger days, he made a run for Council, since then he has been a strategist for candidates of different political stripes and at all different levels. He’s currently the leader and sole member of the JMNPP Party.

The Crew

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Danielle has been involved in politics and election campaigns since she walked into her first campaign office in 2008. Since that time she has worked for Members of Parliament, a Mayor and has been involved in elections, both on the campaign side and as a member of the team responsible for organizing and running the Municipal and School Board Elections.